Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Ideas for Restoration of Pleasant Grove Cemetery

  • Placement of Historical Marker (1-2)
  • Retaining Wall and permanent steps
  • Restoration of Graves
  • Flag replacement
  • Fence repair
  • Brush cleared
  • Light (security)

For more information on grave site preservation, please check out the following: Grave Site Preservation, and Grave Stone Studies.

On October 3 – a beautiful Fall day – I stopped to take a number of photos at Pleasant Grove, and hope to put together a small resource on some of the folks who are at rest here. The cemetery has been regularly cared for over the last six months, and is currently in very nice condition. I’m aware that the Sons of the Confederates (Thomas Key Camp) has regularly come out to mow, as well as some people from Camden Point Baptist. Through their efforts, this memorial to our Camden Point ancestors was today a special place of remembrance and peace. Please stay posted as our community continues to work here!

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