U.S. Navy “Apologizes” Over American Veteran Quote

Raphael Semmes, U.S. Navy, American VeteransIn the latest round of Anti American Veteran hysteria, the United States Navy Personnel Command issued an “apology” in September of 2018 after posting a terrifying and horrendous (sarcasm) quote from American Naval Captain Raphael Semmes. Evidently the post was considered “insensitive” by some who have a 2nd grade understanding of history. Read the article here.

The quote was part of their Monday Motivational posts, and reads as follows: “A military, or a naval man, cannot go very far astray, who abides by the point of honor.” – Captain Raphael Semmes

For those who may not be familiar with Mr. Semmes, he lived from 1809 until 1877 (born in Maryland and died in Alabama) and served in the Mexican-American War for the U.S. Navy, as well as commanded the C.S.S. Alabama during the War Between the States. He was particularly noted during this time period in defense and service to his country through blockade running, capturing numerous adversarial vessels and the destruction of the U.S.S. Hatteras warship. He was also a Professor of Moral Philosophy and English Literature at the Louisiana State Seminary (now LSU), a county judge and a newspaper editor.

CSS Alabama, Raphael SemmesSemmes Freed a Union Slave: Interestingly, on October 9th of 1862, the Alabama captured a vessel known as the Tonawanda. Semmes learned that a Delaware businessman was traveling on the ship with his slave, 16 year old David Henry White (the Union State of Delaware had not given up slavery at this point – and would not officially recognize the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments until February 12, 1901.). Semmes freed David White, and gave him a position on the Alabama. Sadly David died as a casualty of war when the Alabama was sank by a Union warship in 1864.

So, is this American Veteran who defended his home, his community and served his country with honor an inspiring individual? Perhaps even motivational? Is he really worthy of dishonor and shame?

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