The BIAS of Taxpayer Funded MidContinent Public Library?

MidContinent Public Library, Liberty, MissouriThe following is a guest post from a concerned individual in the Liberty, Missouri community. As we have some fond memories of our own libraries here in Platte County, and consider this local institution a bit of a landmark, we thought we’d share. Hope you find it of interest!

Some of you may recall the big vote that MidContinent Public Library was all a flutter over recently. Long story short, they needed more money for all kinds of fancy new programs, hooptie-doos and cool watchamacallits. And no doubt in 5 or 10 years, just like any good public entity does, they’ll likely be out there begging for even more money to run their magnificently impressive programs and pompous book citadels. But unlike those people you see along Highway 152 begging for money, the Library is an institution that has the power of the State to force you to pay for whatever they want. And sometimes, whatever they want may not be whatever we the taxpayers want.

For example, in June in our Liberty Missouri branch of the MidContinent Public Library, there were some partisan rainbow-bedecked displays revolving around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) sexuality in the Teen area and Adult area of the library, which naturally is accessible to all ages. And this isn’t the first time. Around a year ago in Woodneath Library, there was a large display promoting this type of sexual behavior in their front lobby. Make no mistake, I’m not saying that we need to censor books and all that – nor am I making some statement that LGBT people aren’t free to love whoever they want. I mean, come on. Let’s not get silly here. But what I am making a point about is a taxpayer funded PUBLIC entity promoting what could be seen by many in our community as partisan bias towards one particular group over another. In other words, it’s not being TOLERANT of some people.

Ironic, huh? Of course, if the library was a privately funded entity, they would be free to put up huge signs promoting folks who dress up like purple puppies and believe they are magical unicorns. But since we are all FORCED to pay for the library (through the threat of going to jail if we don’t), it would be nice if they worked a little harder to be unbiased or non-partisan towards the peasantry *cough* I mean customers. No, we don’t need displays for pro-life day, or bulletin boards covered with pictures of Jesus in order to balance things out. Again, let’s not be nonsensical. But maybe displays regarding some of the local natural scenery, cool animals found in our area, interesting periods of local history or fun places to go on day-trips. In other words, stuff that isn’t taking money out of my pocket in order to be decisive or elevate a particular view over another.

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