Boonville and Central Missouri “Shocked” over Flag Display Honoring Veterans

Missouri, Confederate, Flag, Veterans, Honoring Veterans

According to a March 4, 2018 article by reporter Kevin Ko from (also known as KOMU 8, a university owned commercial television station and NBC affiliate located south of Columbia, Missouri), a local resident of Boonville was “shocked” to see a number of flags representing countless Missouri veterans who fought and died for their homes, families and communities in the face of federal atrocity and abuse. In recognition of those veterans and their families who fought and died, members of the Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans met at the Katy Trail overpass near Boonville on Saturday in order to fly Southern flags and stand up for all the things that are good and true about the South – which last time we checked, is an important part of America. (Note: this was part of a much larger effort throughout the U.S. to pay respect to our ancestors and to help increase awareness of the importance this period of history holds for many people.)

Other flags were flown throughout Missouri in honor of our veterans as well, with reports of flags at Kearney, Missouri near the highway. We’ve no doubt that if any reporters were on the scene at this location, they surely would have conveyed how there were drivers here who were so disturbed by the sight that they very nearly  lost control of their car, and that countless children were scarred for life after bursting into tears at such an evil display. Perhaps even the police would have been called to arrest those involved in an attempt to censor the display, and local public schools would have reinvigorated their efforts to make sure students understand that Lincoln is a saint, the North always has been a utopia of love and tolerance – and that of course secession is wicked and the South and all it’s treasonous inhabitants should burn in Hell for all eternity (assuming the public school system still acknowledged anything pertaining to Christianity).

With the latest leftist “madness” that has seized parts of the not-so United States, with cry-baby radicals, “marxiversity” professors and tyrant politicians tearing down and censoring artwork and ridiculing our veterans and veterans organizations, it’s nice to see people who are still proud of the virtues of bravery, honor that many of these soldiers represent (which includes Native Americans and African Americans who fought for the South in defense of their homes too). History is not always easy, and there are things that people do that are difficult. For example, some view Abraham Lincoln as the best President America has ever seen, while others view him as a butcher of men, women and children – and a racist too. The point is, there’s two sides to every coin, and in America – after fighting a bloody and brutal war that tore this nation apart and destroyed countless lives, we once understood that too.

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