The AWESOME War Between the States Music Video the Left Doesn’t Want You To See!

We came across the above music video the other day, and HAD to share it! So often we get hit with negative news, that it’s really encouraging to see folks out there who are using such amazing musical and artistic talent to create something really special and uplifting for ALL our veterans during these trying times.

Anyway, the song Stand Up and Fight is an awesome tribute to our Southern veterans here in Missouri and throughout America, as well as to those people who continue to stand up and remember their sacrifice today. The video not only includes vintage artwork of battles and other scenes created after the War Between the States, but also has a lot of great photography too.  Who knows, with appearances by the Virginia Flaggers, photos by Judy Smith, the I-95 flag raising, various Sons of Confederate Veterans Camps at the Missouri Capital and many parades and other noteworthy locations around the South, maybe you’ll even see yourself standing up in honor of our Veterans!

We think you’ll agree that Hezekiah Brown – who also happens to be a noteworthy historian and non-fiction author – has really done a great job here. In speaking with Hezekiah Brown, we also learned that the World War 1 and World War 2 veterans pictured in the video are also his ancestors too. Anyway, enjoy!

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