Kansas City Board of Censorship Issues Statement on Removal of Ward Parkway Monument to Women

The Kansas City Board of Censorship recently issued a statement regarding the Censorship and Removal of the Art Deco Monument to Civil War-era women at Ward Parkway. “We are extremely proud of how quickly we were able to eradicate this monument from public view, and thus properly guide the thoughts and feelings of our residents. Comrades will also be further comforted to know that our watchful eye will ensure that the only history that is taught is OUR history, and the only knowledge that is conveyed is OUR knowledge.”

The Board, which is made up of members from the Leftist Party of Militant Progressives, was formed out of a desire for the creation of a perfect society where anything that is considered offensive by anyone is quickly removed. If residents ever have any complaints of artwork, monuments (including veterans or women’s monuments) literature, or even a fellow citizen’s questionable thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that are NOT approved by the State, they should quickly contact our hotline or potentially face charges for the facilitation of intolerance. A Censorship Task force will remove the offensive item, and compromised individuals will be sent to re-education facilities for reprogramming.

All hail Oceania.

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Note: The above write-up and poster / graphic design is a work of parody or satire based partially on Orwell’s 1984, and the recent real-life events surrounding the removal of Veterans monuments throughout America – as well as the removal of a Civil War-era Women’s Monument at Ward Parkway in Kansas City by Kansas City Parks and Recreation (Parks Director Mark McHenry). The discussion of censorship, sexism, women’s rights, honoring American Veterans, Leftism, revisionist history and inadvertent racism (through tearing down monuments that honor African Americans and Native Americans too) are extremely important in light of recent events!

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