Kansas City Plans Removal of Monument to Women

kansas city, united daughters of the confederacy, ward parkway, confederate, memorial, orwellian, censorship, eradication, veterans, women, feminismIn an ironic turn of events, the Kansas City government plans to remove a memorial dedicated to women who served our communities during a time of war. As such, it’s the latest ongoing Orwellian purge of veterans monuments and other items now forbidden by governments and other groups intent on eradicating or censoring anything they don’t understand. Feminist groups and veterans organizations like the American Legion should be outraged, eh? Instead…crickets. What’s next, the racist statue of War Criminal Abraham Lincoln in front of Kansas City City Hall? The intolerant and offensive World War One Veterans Memorial? The highly controversial Vietnam Veterans memorials?

Read more here at Vandalized  Confederate Monument boxed up ahead of removal.

As pointed out before on this site, honoring all of our American veterans (and their families) who sacrificed so much during some of our most terrible conflicts is an important cause. It’s tragic when monuments such as the soon to be removed monument at 55th and Ward Parkway in Kansas City is to be carted off to be hidden away from public view, simply because we haven’t taken the time to understand the motivations of why people bled and died by the hundreds of thousands during America’s unCivil War.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy monument is not racist, nor are the people who support it racist (which should go without saying). These monuments seek to honor the men, women and children who suffered and died fighting an aggressive and ruthless enemy. Missouri, which featured numerous atrocities (with many acts of aggression committed in the entire Kansas City region) found many people fighting simply because there was no third option. The majority owned no slaves. They simply sought justice in the face of such acts as lost voter rights, husbands and young boys shot on their doorsteps, a loss of a free press, a loss of the right to freely practice religion, gun confiscations, people thrown into jail for voicing the wrong sentiments, and homes burned to the ground.

As well, there are many documented cases of African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics fighting on the side of the South too. Tearing down monuments to these veterans, as well as to women who served their country, is tearing down their history too. This is where it’s really ironic, and more than a little hypocritical. When we should be honoring our women and minorities, we’re instead censoring their history. It’s not white history. It’s OUR history. The people of our communities (of all races) experienced horrific hardships in order to build a better tomorrow. They learned what happened when people divided and sought to force their views on each other. But, perhaps due to the poor education in public school and universities – it seems that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

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