Will Missouri Government Support our Veterans?

veterans, world war 2, civil war, confederate, union, HB53, Missouri, Government, MonumentsIronically, while politicians in Missouri may like to issue grandiose claims about supporting our veterans, an opportunity to honor their sacrifices is currently stagnating in the Missouri House of Representatives. The bill, also known as HB 53, is designed for the historic preservation of veterans sites, memorials, markers and more. While this is of course the responsibility of all people in honoring the sacrifices and memory of those who have went before (and not just the government), we also understand that many veterans monuments and sites of great significance to the people of Missouri may be under threat of removal or neglect from local governmental entities. We’ve read recently where New Orleans is planning to remove at least three monuments commemorating the sacrifices of veterans and their families who lived in this community. And very recently, St. Louis bureaucrats are looking for ways to remove a veterans monument away from public view (as seen here). Also see the Cape Girardeau veterans monument vandalized in 2011, and the Forest Park Monument in St. Louis vandalized in 2015.

We’ve discussed before on this blog (as written here) about the preservation of veterans monuments and historical sites of all eras, because of the great historical and educational value that’s associated with them. Sure, we may not all agree with some of the politics surrounding wars of whatever era (even more recent ones), but we still recognize the sacrifices of men and women who were involved in defending their community. For instance, could we imagine a day perhaps 100 years from now when a community is neglecting, defacing or tearing down a monument, cemetery or historical site associated with veterans who sacrificed in the Vietnam or Gulf War, simply because someone didn’t like it? Yet this is what’s happening today with monuments and historical sites remembering local veterans of all races (english, south american, african american, irish, german, native american, etc.) from 150 years ago or more.

In asking people in every Missouri community, and the politicians who claim to serve us to remember our veterans, we also hope that organizations like the American Legion or Daughters of the American Revolution will additionally take a stand for ALL our Missouri veterans and their families who served during every conflict. It would be unthinkable for these organizations to remain silent if World War II, Vietnam veterans, or Revolutionary era landmarks and figures were given unsavory labels and their monuments or symbols forced from public eye. Yet they continue to largely remain silent as Confederate veterans and their families from America’s unCivil War (for example) are attacked, marginalized and monuments and historical sites are “cleansed” from the public. So much for reconciliation, huh?

In the end, should everything ultimately be banned? Or should we simply learn how to work together in our communities, and peacefully get along with others – even if they may believe or value something different?

For the text of the bill, please click HB53. To look up your Missouri legislator (for contact purposes), please click Missouri Representatives. And while HB53 is only currently in the House, you may want to also contact your Senator (here) and let them know that you hope they’ll support future efforts at honoring the sacrifices our veterans and their families have made.

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  1. Beverly Shaw says:

    Dear Friends,

    I thought you would like to read the article about Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

    Beverly Shaw


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