Fascinating Views regarding the American Civil War

We thought it might be fun to share a selection of several of our exclusive resources, some of which have been submitted from a number of local historians who enjoy writing about the impact the Civil War had on a local, state and national level. Not only do we hope you find these works an engaging and insightful experience, but also useful in helping educate in light of many misunderstandings and attacks leveraged against our Missouri veterans and the many families who sacrificed a great deal in our communities during this difficult era. You won’t find these thought-provoking perspectives anywhere else!

FreeA perspective on the American “Civil War” – This unique 7 page essay (with works cited from numerous resources) from a Missouri historian discusses how the the typical perceptions of the American Civil War may not be entirely accurate. Includes thoughts on Britain’s peaceful emancipation, the deplorable loss of human rights during the war, reconstruction, African American perceptions regarding the war (W.E. DuBois) and the legacy this tragic conflict has even on our communities today. Plenty to chew on here!

MartialMissouri Martial Law – Did you know that Missouri was under Martial Law from 1861 – 1865? This PDF resource incorporates many historic writings on the subject. It includes details on property confiscation and other hardships experienced by people under martial law, officials who were ousted for being “disloyal”, pastors forced from churches, some shocking letters from prominent leaders, a sample of a loyalty oath and much more. (4 page pdf)

WilliamsJames Williams:  Civil War memories – Being a Union man during the Civil War, Mr. Williams recounting of his war-related experiences in Platte County are of particular interest – and provide the modern reader with a first-hand perspective of this difficult time in our local history. Also discussed are experiences of life near his home, and brief mentions of travels to the mills of Platte City and Shoal Creek. (3 page pdf)

WareThe Lyon Campaign in Missouri (first-hand Civil War observations) – Another Union Man, Eugene Fitch Ware provides more fascinating first-hand observations and insights into the Civil War in Iowa and Missouri. He discusses the divisive conditions before the war, a broken constitution, less than favorable thoughts on Lincoln, what he believed the war was really about, thoughts on General Lyon and more. Not what you’d expect! (3 page pdf)

Remember, you can also find these and many other resources on Camden Point History under our Educational Resources tab. Check it out! We’ve got articles on Camden Point’s Military Academy of 1892, Camden Point’s rich educational history (including the roots of present day William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri) and much more!

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