A look at Camden Point’s 150th Memorial Service

Flag2A hand-made replica of the Camden Point Battle Flag flies once again in Camden Point at the 150th Memorial Service at Pleasant Grove Cemetery (June 28, 2014). The flag, which was presented to Thornton’s men by local ladies on July 13, 1864, was captured in the battle that day, and now resides in a Colorado museum.  The ceremony also included the recognition of a sign informing visitors as to the history of the cemetery. The sign was placed several weeks ago in memory of Billie Everett and Loretta Larimer by the efforts of the folks in the Camden Point Baptist Church.

GunSaluteDuring the ceremony, local men from the Clay County Reenactors Association (Elliot’s Scouts and 3rd Missouri) fired a gun salute over the fields surrounding Camden Point. A cannon salute was also given by members of the Thomas J. Key Camp (SCV). The battle took place very near here when Thornton’s force of Confederates were having a picnic and were surprised by a much larger force of Federal soldiers. After the Confederate retreat, much of Camden Point was burned, and two prominent citizens, Maj. McCluer and Dr. Thomas, are recorded as being executed at their homes. The Federals would later move to Platte City and burn the town a second time during the war (the town, including the courthouse, was burned in 1861).

saluteReenactors and members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans offered up a salute to the six Confederate soldiers, Lieutenant Alamarine Hardin and Privates Richard Alvis (Olvis), Jasper Clements, Robert McCormick, Jesse Myles, and Andrew Smith who were killed in the battle and are now buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery. A marker, dedicated in 1871 by Platte County Confederate Veterans, is the second or third oldest Confederate Memorial west of the Mississippi. Also as part of the event, James L. Speicher delivered a speech on “Why We Gather at Camden Point”. More details can be read in the PDF program available in a link below.

Media Coverage!

Thanks to the Platte County Citizen’s July 2, 2014 edition for a great write-up (complete with some very nice photos) on the Camden Point 150th Memorial Service. Some of this article can be read online here. We also thank the Platte County Landmark for running a photo in the July 2, 2014 edition of their paper, and KQ2 for their television coverage of the event (which can be viewed here)

Special Thanks!

We additionally wish to thank the reenactors who came out (Elliot’s Scouts and 3rd Missouri), and the Sons of Confederate Veterans (Thomas J. Key Camp and Hughes Camp). The gun salute with cannon, along with the replica Camden Point battle flag really helped to make this day special. We also thank the many local people who attended, including members of the Camden Point Baptist Church, Platte County Historical Society, Platte County 175th committee, and many more.

  • Program from the Event: If you would like to view the program for the event, please click here (available as a PDF)
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