2014 Sesquicentennial


Over concerns of the Paw-Paw Rebellion in North Western Missouri, a detachment
of Federal troops crossed the Missouri River on July 13, 1864, and occupied Platte
County Missouri. At this time, a Confederate Force of approximately 200-300 men
was organizing and encamped at Camden Point under Colonel J.C. Thornton. As
a picnic was being held in a pasture on the north side of town, a detachment of
the 2nd Colorado Cavalry and 15th Kansas Cavalry (300-400 soldiers commanded
by Col. Ford and Jennison), ambushed Thornton’s force. Six Confederate soldiers,
Lieutenant Alamarine Hardin and Privates, Richard Alvis (Olvis), Jasper Clements,
Robert McCormick, Jesse Myles, and Andrew Smith were killed at the fight (buried
at Pleasant Grove). However, according to Federal reports, 15 men were lost to
the Confederates, with one loss to the Union (Private Flannagan). Ammunition,
weapons, and gunpowder were captured, Camden Point was burned, and several
civilians (Dr. Thomas and Maj. McCluer) were also executed.

The “Protect Missouri” battle flag, given to Col. Thornton by the ladies of Camden
Point, was captured and now resides at the Colorado State Historical Society.
Ex-Confederate soldiers of Platte County, led by Dr. E. McDowell Coffey, placed
a memorial to the Confederates killed in the engagement at the Pleasant Grove
Cemetery in 1871. This memorial is the third oldest Confederate memorial west of
the Mississippi River. Two older Confederate memorials can be found in Lone Jack,
Missouri and Chowen Cemetery (Wayne County, Missouri) erected in 1870. The
Camden Point battle is significant as it effectively disrupted Thornton’s increasing
ability to control the area.

Note: See photos of Thornton, Ford and Jennison here. Read an accounting (from St. Joseph Herald) of Thornton’s speech below.

2014 Sesquicentennial

After planning and working with many different groups and individuals,  June 28, 2014 was the date set for the 150th Sesquicentennial Remembrance. Activities began on Saturday at 1:00 with a memorial service at Pleasant Grove Cemetery (located north outside of town). The memorial service incorporated a color guard, gun salute (with cannon), reenactors, Camden Point’s Battle Flag, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Following the memorial service, there was a cannon firing demonstration and educational displays in the Camden Point Park (west of the baseball diamond) from 2:30 to around 3:30. Rain ended up canceleing the remaining events.

  • To view photos and a look at the 150th memorial service, please click here.
  • Program from the Event: If you would like to view the program for the event, please click here (available as a PDF)

Also, check out Platte County’s History Illustrated, which was created to honor and remember many events (including the Camden Point battle) during Platte County’s 175th Anniversary. To view sample images from the book, click here and here. The 70 page book is full color, recommended for ages 13+, and is sized at 8.5 by 10.


4 Responses to 2014 Sesquicentennial

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  2. James Tolar says:

    I would like info about this up coming event set for 2014, I’m a native from Camden Point, Missouri. And would love to take part in the event, my unit of confederates are ready an able, we are called the Kellys Confederate Irish Brigade we fight as dismounted cav, as to what we were back than. Please send info about event as soon as ya can..

    Thank You,

    • tridus says:

      Mr. Tolar,

      Thank you for your interest. We are planning on having a small event each year leading up to the main 2014 “150th sesquicentennial”. We started this last July with a very small appearance in the Camden Point Freedom Festival Parade, as well as a period civil war recruitment tent at the town park later that afternoon. This coming year for 2012, we are planning on something similar, but are hoping for more reenactors to march in the parade and interact with the community in order to get the word out and grow interest amongst everyone. If you would like to send me your e-mail address, please write me at tridus (at) live (dot) com and I will put you on our mailing list! Thanks again!


  3. Would like info on the 2012 and 2014 events would pass on the info to Lt. Col. Slocum and see if the brigaid (130 strong mounted dismounted cannon medical) would be interested in attending. Being close to everyone within the units do believe we could bring a good showing. Thank you

    Raymond Riley
    Capt. 2nd Colorado Mounted Cav (union)
    corp. 1st Div 3rd Batt. 5th Brigaid (confederate)
    Graham Missouri

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