Addition of many new resources and photos!

After receiving local historian Janet Everett’s permission, I’ve uploaded numerous photos, and newspaper clippings (that she has graciously shared) to our online Camden Point “archive”. Many of these, like the photo of the Camden Point train station (at left) – while difficult to make out the faces – are amazing glimpses into our community. If you would like to take a look at many of these photos of Camden Point people and our buildings that are now gone, please click the “Photos” tab, and select either “Camden Point People“, or “Camden Point Architecture“.

Additionally, I’ve beefed up our “Educational Resources” section, with several new PDF resources on Camden Point’s Military Academy (1890’s), Camden Point’s Public School (1920-1958), and a short bio on Mr. William Paxton – a local historian from our history who has inspired me greatly in this fascinating pursuit.

Or, you may enjoy a few articles on Camden Point’s Civil War History under the “2014 Sesquicentennial” tab. Included on this page, as well as the “Educational Resources” tab, is a PDF resource on the “Protect Missouri” battle flag.

If you have any comments, or interesting stories pertaining to these photos or resources, please don’t hesitate to let us know! After all, this site if for you. I hope that as you see these people and places, that you’ll be instilled with a sense of pride and wonder at those who have come before…right here in Camden Point.

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