The Lyon Campaign in Missouri

Eugene Fitch Ware was born on May 29, 1841 in Hartford, Connecticut. His parents, Hiram and Amanda, soon moved to Burlington, Iowa, and in 1861, Mr. Ware served in Company E of the First Iowa Infantry. His book, The Lyon Campaign in Missouri, chronicles his observations of the country falling apart around him, and his experiences of serving with General Nathaniel Lyon in the Federal Army. His work, which gives a unique insight into the condition of Iowa and Missouri during this dark hour, allows us a first-hand look into the events leading up to civilian bloodshed, and war at Boonville and Wilson’s Creek. To read more of Mr. Ware’s observations, which resounds powerfully into our modern day, please download the following resource provided at the following link: The Lyon Campaign in Missouri, or click “The Lyon Campaign in Missouri” at the Educational Resources tab.

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