U.S. Navy “Apologizes” Over American Veteran Quote

Raphael Semmes, U.S. Navy, American VeteransIn the latest round of Anti American Veteran hysteria, the United States Navy Personnel Command issued an “apology” in September of 2018 after posting a terrifying and horrendous (sarcasm) quote from American Naval Captain Raphael Semmes. Evidently the post was considered “insensitive” by some who have a 2nd grade understanding of history. Read the article here.

The quote was part of their Monday Motivational posts, and reads as follows: “A military, or a naval man, cannot go very far astray, who abides by the point of honor.” – Captain Raphael Semmes

For those who may not be familiar with Mr. Semmes, he lived from 1809 until 1877 (born in Maryland and died in Alabama) and served in the Mexican-American War for the U.S. Navy, as well as commanded the C.S.S. Alabama during the War Between the States. He was particularly noted during this time period in defense and service to his country through blockade running, capturing numerous adversarial vessels and the destruction of the U.S.S. Hatteras warship. He was also a Professor of Moral Philosophy and English Literature at the Louisiana State Seminary (now LSU), a county judge and a newspaper editor.

CSS Alabama, Raphael SemmesSemmes Freed a Union Slave: Interestingly, on October 9th of 1862, the Alabama captured a vessel known as the Tonawanda. Semmes learned that a Delaware businessman was traveling on the ship with his slave, 16 year old David Henry White (the Union State of Delaware had not given up slavery at this point – and would not officially recognize the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments until February 12, 1901.). Semmes freed David White, and gave him a position on the Alabama. Sadly David died as a casualty of war when the Alabama was sank by a Union warship in 1864.

So, is this American Veteran who defended his home, his community and served his country with honor an inspiring individual? Perhaps even motivational? Is he really worthy of dishonor and shame?

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The BIAS of Taxpayer Funded MidContinent Public Library?

MidContinent Public Library, Liberty, MissouriThe following is a guest post from a concerned individual in the Liberty, Missouri community. As we have some fond memories of our own libraries here in Platte County, and consider this local institution a bit of a landmark, we thought we’d share. Hope you find it of interest!

Some of you may recall the big vote that MidContinent Public Library was all a flutter over recently. Long story short, they needed more money for all kinds of fancy new programs, hooptie-doos and cool watchamacallits. And no doubt in 5 or 10 years, just like any good public entity does, they’ll likely be out there begging for even more money to run their magnificently impressive programs and pompous book citadels. But unlike those people you see along Highway 152 begging for money, the Library is an institution that has the power of the State to force you to pay for whatever they want. And sometimes, whatever they want may not be whatever we the taxpayers want.

For example, in June in our Liberty Missouri branch of the MidContinent Public Library, there were some partisan rainbow-bedecked displays revolving around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) sexuality in the Teen area and Adult area of the library, which naturally is accessible to all ages. And this isn’t the first time. Around a year ago in Woodneath Library, there was a large display promoting this type of sexual behavior in their front lobby. Make no mistake, I’m not saying that we need to censor books and all that – nor am I making some statement that LGBT people aren’t free to love whoever they want. I mean, come on. Let’s not get silly here. But what I am making a point about is a taxpayer funded PUBLIC entity promoting what could be seen by many in our community as partisan bias towards one particular group over another. In other words, it’s not being TOLERANT of some people.

Ironic, huh? Of course, if the library was a privately funded entity, they would be free to put up huge signs promoting folks who dress up like purple puppies and believe they are magical unicorns. But since we are all FORCED to pay for the library (through the threat of going to jail if we don’t), it would be nice if they worked a little harder to be unbiased or non-partisan towards the peasantry *cough* I mean customers. No, we don’t need displays for pro-life day, or bulletin boards covered with pictures of Jesus in order to balance things out. Again, let’s not be nonsensical. But maybe displays regarding some of the local natural scenery, cool animals found in our area, interesting periods of local history or fun places to go on day-trips. In other words, stuff that isn’t taking money out of my pocket in order to be decisive or elevate a particular view over another.

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Boonville and Central Missouri “Shocked” over Flag Display Honoring Veterans

Missouri, Confederate, Flag, Veterans, Honoring Veterans

According to a March 4, 2018 article by reporter Kevin Ko from KOMU.com (also known as KOMU 8, a university owned commercial television station and NBC affiliate located south of Columbia, Missouri), a local resident of Boonville was “shocked” to see a number of flags representing countless Missouri veterans who fought and died for their homes, families and communities in the face of federal atrocity and abuse. In recognition of those veterans and their families who fought and died, members of the Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans met at the Katy Trail overpass near Boonville on Saturday in order to fly Southern flags and stand up for all the things that are good and true about the South – which last time we checked, is an important part of America. (Note: this was part of a much larger effort throughout the U.S. to pay respect to our ancestors and to help increase awareness of the importance this period of history holds for many people.)

Other flags were flown throughout Missouri in honor of our veterans as well, with reports of flags at Kearney, Missouri near the highway. We’ve no doubt that if any reporters were on the scene at this location, they surely would have conveyed how there were drivers here who were so disturbed by the sight that they very nearly  lost control of their car, and that countless children were scarred for life after bursting into tears at such an evil display. Perhaps even the police would have been called to arrest those involved in an attempt to censor the display, and local public schools would have reinvigorated their efforts to make sure students understand that Lincoln is a saint, the North always has been a utopia of love and tolerance – and that of course secession is wicked and the South and all it’s treasonous inhabitants should burn in Hell for all eternity (assuming the public school system still acknowledged anything pertaining to Christianity).

With the latest leftist “madness” that has seized parts of the not-so United States, with cry-baby radicals, “marxiversity” professors and tyrant politicians tearing down and censoring artwork and ridiculing our veterans and veterans organizations, it’s nice to see people who are still proud of the virtues of bravery, honor that many of these soldiers represent (which includes Native Americans and African Americans who fought for the South in defense of their homes too). History is not always easy, and there are things that people do that are difficult. For example, some view Abraham Lincoln as the best President America has ever seen, while others view him as a butcher of men, women and children – and a racist too. The point is, there’s two sides to every coin, and in America – after fighting a bloody and brutal war that tore this nation apart and destroyed countless lives, we once understood that too.

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Unique Gifts from Keytesville Mercantile!

Looking for a great gift for Christmas or the New Year? The Keytesville Mercantile has a variety of unique historical shirts, greeting cards, stickers, coffee mugs and much more! Make an awesome statement for our veterans and those great heroes of American History with these awesome designs! Below is just a small sampling of what the Mercantile has available. Find more by clicking on Keytesville Mercantile!

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The AWESOME War Between the States Music Video the Left Doesn’t Want You To See!

We came across the above music video the other day, and HAD to share it! So often we get hit with negative news, that it’s really encouraging to see folks out there who are using such amazing musical and artistic talent to create something really special and uplifting for ALL our veterans during these trying times.

Anyway, the song Stand Up and Fight is an awesome tribute to our Southern veterans here in Missouri and throughout America, as well as to those people who continue to stand up and remember their sacrifice today. The video not only includes vintage artwork of battles and other scenes created after the War Between the States, but also has a lot of great photography too.  Who knows, with appearances by the Virginia Flaggers, photos by Judy Smith, the I-95 flag raising, various Sons of Confederate Veterans Camps at the Missouri Capital and many parades and other noteworthy locations around the South, maybe you’ll even see yourself standing up in honor of our Veterans!

We think you’ll agree that Hezekiah Brown – who also happens to be a noteworthy historian and non-fiction author – has really done a great job here. In speaking with Hezekiah Brown, we also learned that the World War 1 and World War 2 veterans pictured in the video are also his ancestors too. Anyway, enjoy!

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Kansas University Openly Honoring Terrorists and War Criminals

Kansas University, football, uniforms, jayhawks, civil war, jayhawkers, jennison

Our Jayhawker friends over at Kansas University have really stepped in it now, especially after proudly unveiling “Jayhawker” football uniforms that supposedly pay tribute to Colonel Charles Jennison and his 7th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. Read more at the Kansas City Star at Jayhawker Uniforms.

Yeah, maybe ten years ago they could have claimed ignorance to their “cute” little Jayhawk mascot, but after recent news, it’s obvious they know exactly where the history of their name comes from. And with a vile history of theft, murder, terrorism and war crimes that would make any third world war criminal blush, it’s hardly something to be proud of. Especially in light of the left’s insensitive and intolerant campaign to remove civil war era veterans monuments that they claim are somehow offensive.

There’s quite a lot of evidence listing the atrocities and outright barbaric actions of Jayhawker soldiers and federal troops throughout the region. The famous artist, George Caleb Bingham (featured in the parody artwork above), painted Order No. 11 as a response to the treatment of Missourians by Federal troops (which includes General Ewing watching over the Red Legs / Jayhawkers) as they murder and forcibly evacuate, burn and loot four counties. Below is just a small sampling of the documentation out there.

Kansas University, football, uniforms, jayhawks, civil war, jayhawkers, jennison

In 1863, Platte County is disarmed and left as prey to marauding outlaws. Federal jayhawkers bear forged military orders, search houses, barns and stables for arms, and rob and hang the people. Although the Federal militia is active in suppressing bushwhackers, they seem to give little concern toward thieves and murderers. Pgs 336 W.M. Paxton’s “Annals of Platte County”

Halleck directed General Pope to drive out Jennison’s Jayhawks as, “They are no better than a band of robbers; they cross the line, rob, steal, plunder and burn whatever they can lay their hands upon. They disgrace the name and uniform of American soldiers and are driving good Union men into the ranks of the secession army.” The War of the Rebellion, 1883, Series 1 Volume VIII (pg 507)

It’s reported that Jayhawkers H.H. Moore and H.D. Fisher were “freeing” Missouri slaves so they could take them back to Kansas for cheap labor and work as indentured servants. Quantrill of Missouri, Petersen (pg. 72)

Union men kill 17 year old Al Carter. After shooting him from his saddle, they shot out his eyes and scalped him. (scalping was a brutal practice that was said to have been committed numerous times by federal troops along the Missouri/Kansas border) William Gregg Manuscript

Guerrilla leader William Anderson was beheaded and his head attached to a telegraph pole in the town of Richmond.

James C. Horton of Lawrence describes the capture of a guerrilla by the name of Skaggs, who was shot off his horse. A man tied a rope around his neck and drug him through the streets of Lawrence until the body was nude and terribly mutilated. The body was then hanged and further mutilated by cutting it with knives, shooting and throwing rocks, etc. Joanne C. Eakin and Donald R. Hale, Branded as Rebels

After the collapse of a makeshift prison that killed a number of women in Kansas City on August 13, 1863 (which was said to have been intentionally done by federal captors as revenge against southern resistance), John McCorkle writes, “This foul murder was the direct cause of the famous raid on Lawrence, Kansas. We could stand no more. Imagine, if you can, my feelings. A loved sister foully murdered and the widow of a dead brother seriously hurt by a set of men to whom the name assassins, murderers and cutthroats would be a compliment. People abuse us, but, by God, did we not have enough to make us desperate and thirst for revenge? We tried to fight like soldiers, but were declared outlaws, hunted under a ‘Black Flag’ and murdered like beasts. The homes of our friends burned, our aged sires, who dared sympathize with us had been either hung or shot in the presence of their families and all their furniture and provisions loaded in wagons and with our livestock taken to the state of Kansas. The beautiful farming country of Jackson County, Cass County and Johnson County were worse than a desert, and on every hillside stood lone blackened chimneys, sad sentinels and monuments to the memory of our once happy homes. And these outrages had been done by Kansas troops, calling themselves soldiers, but a disgrace to the name soldier. And now our innocent and beautiful girls had been murdered in the most foul, brutal, save and damnable manner.” William Gregg Manuscript

In late 1861, state and county officials have refused to take the Federal Oath, and are forcibly removed. W.M. Paxton notes that the military has permitted outlaws to steal without hindrance (near New Market) and that Union troops frequently forage off the people of Platte City. General David Hunter, stationed at Fort Leavenworth, begins his campaign to round up those with Southern Sympathies in Platte County, and orders county leaders to deliver up or drive out the guerrilla leader Silas Gordon – or Hunter would lay waste to the County. When Paxton suggests that he has no power, under the Constitution to do so, Hunter’s reply is “Damn the Constitution!” Pgs 316-319 W.M. Paxton’s “Annals of Platte County”

In Jackson County, 13 year old John Fox, who had a brother with Quantrill, was shot and killed by Federals while his sister and mother had hold of him and begged for his life. He was charged with feeding his brother. Quantrill and the Border Bars, Connelley 1910

Federals also killed 14 year old James Nicholson because he had two brothers with Price. 35 year old Henry Morris was serving with Col. Upton Hays when Federals rode up to his house and killed his 11 year old son. Quantrill of Missouri, Petersen (pg 240)

In August of 1864, Dr. Joseph Walker is met on the road by a group of men from Leavenworth, and taken into the woods and shot. Dr. Thomas L. Thomas, a favorite of Camden Point, and David Gregg, an old and highly esteemed farmer, are also recorded as recently murdered for their Southern Sympathies Pg. 372-392, W.M. Paxton’s Annals of Platte County”

Near Independence at the farm of Amos Blythe, Federal troops encountered 12 year old Theodore at home. They threatened the boy with hanging if they didn’t tell them what they wanted to know. Theodore managed to escape, and the troops opened fire. He grabbed a gun inside the family home, and ran for the nearby woods. However, the boy was wounded and fell to the ground. He reportedly shot the first federal that came up to him, and wounded two others as they approached. Before he could fire a fourth time, his body was riddled with bullets. Quantrill, Harrison Trow, 1923

Stand up for liberty and our Missouri veterans with an awesome shirt or coffee mug! Check out the Keytesville Mercantile Store!

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Southern Baptists Wage “War” Against Our U.S. Veterans

veterans, southern baptist, confederate, American Veterans, Christian, confederate monuments, veterans monuments, South, Southern, America, United StatesAs someone who has a strong belief in the power of Christ to change lives and bring peace to ALL people in our broken world (through a belief in Him and His truth), it was with no small disappointment that I read about the Southern Baptist Convention’s recent statements regarding U.S. Veterans Monuments, parks, landmarks and symbols. Caving to Leftism, cultural Marxism and establishment views of history, these Christian brothers and sisters are sadly attacking fellow believers who fought for their homes and families. Were our forefathers perfect? No, of course not. But these Americans stood to fight against some of the worst forms of political and religious persecution and acts of tyranny waged against our communities by Abraham Lincoln ‘s government in Washington D.C. And today, they are considered by many as some of the noblest of our U.S. Veterans.

Christian, Southern Baptist, Baptist News Global, Bill Leonard, Brent Aucoin, Steve Gaines, Bellevue Baptist, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Confederate, Veterans, Veterans Monuments, American VeteransAt SBC President, CBF pastors join in call to remove Confederate statue, Steve Gaines, David Breckenridge, Stephen H. Cook, Richard Hipps and Sean Michael Lucas (all pastors) somehow believe that these monuments dedicated to the memory of husbands, brothers and sons killed in defense of their communities are all about racial division and stand contrary to the message of the gospel. IF that were true, sure. Maybe then we talk about what to do with these symbols. But as a Christian, historian and someone who cares about truth for ALL people in our nation today, I can say with complete confidence that the large majority of these monuments, parks and symbols are NOT about slavery or silly attempts to claim racial superiority. Elsewhere, Bill Leonard on Baptist News Global (in an Opinion piece) criticizes and disparages those who seek to honor our U.S. Veterans in a write-up entitled Lost Cause religion: A zombie mindset. And then Brent Aucoin, a Southern Baptist Seminary professor (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), believes that Civil War monuments (again dedicated to U.S. veterans) should be taken down here.

As stated elsewhere in this blog, and re-emphasized here, these people – which included men and women of all races (including African American, Native American and Hispanics) sought justice in the face of martial law imposed by the federal government (such as here in Missouri), the free press smashed, voter rights stripped, people’s homes burned, pastors persecuted for preaching anything other than submission to the State, political leaders forced out of office for not signing oaths of loyalty, husbands and sons hung in the front yards of homes and people scalped and beheaded for resisting those supposedly angelic boys in blue. Don’t believe me? Start reading some of the numerous first-hand accounts of people throughout Missouri, or other civilian communities being invaded, bombed and starved into submission.

Fact: These Confederate Monuments are monuments to U.S. Veterans erected by grieving family members who lost husbands, brothers and sons in this tragic war. They wanted to remember the sacrifice they paid in defense of their community. And it’s a shameful act for Americans in the supposed “land of the free” to remove or destroy them today!

But let me be clear. This is not a call for Christian to throw up their hands and abandon the Southern Baptist Church – or any Christian church that adheres to the Bible and the Apostles Creed – simply because they might be doing some things we may not agree with, or have a second grade understanding of history. None of us are perfect, and this is a pretty complex and difficult era in which we live (just like it was back in the days of the War Between the States). However, this is an opportunity for us to try to help educate as to history and the proper remembering of the Christians who fought and died in the face of persecution for the communities we have today.

Please be sure to leave any questions or comments you might have!

Valuable Educational Resources:

Dr. Brion McClanahan is a noted historian who has written and spoken extensively on the subject of founding principals, as well as an accurate understanding of the complexities surrounding the unCivil War.

The Abbeville Institute was formed by scholars in history, literature, philosophy and religion to discuss what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition. It has grown over the years to over 170 scholars and associates.

The Great Civil War Debate featuring Rev. Peter Marshall and Rev. Steve Wilkins is an excellent resource that discusses the issues of this terrible and bloody war from a Christian perspective!

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